Service Costs


One-Time Non-Refundable Membership Fee $5
Minimum balance to open new Membership $20
Re-Application within six months of Closing Membership Account $15
Automatic Overdraft Transfer (up to 5 per month)  $3 each
Founder’s Checking (account opened prior to 2/1/07) FREE
Convenience Checking
with Direct Deposit/loan or line of credit
with Direct Deposit/loan or line of credit $5  month
Interest Checking – balance required to avoid monthly charge AND earn dividends is $2,500 $7.50 month
Check Orders Varies with style
Copy of Paid check (2 free per month) $3
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Checks including ACH, Bill Pay, ATM or Debit Card, Returned or Paid item $22 each
Stop Payment Request $15
IRA Withdrawals (1 free per quarter) $5
IRA Trustee to Trustee transfer $25
IRA Closure if account has been opened less than 6 months $75
Rate Chaser Money Market No Fee
Regular Share Savings (minimum balance fee) balance needed to avoid monthly fee is $100.  $100 balance required within 3 months of opening the membership. Minimum balance waived with at least $2,500 aggregate savings/loans. Waived on membeships for children under 18 years of age. $5 Month
Savings Withdrawals (3 free per month) waived with minimum $2,500 aggregate in savings/loans $1 each
ATM Withdrawal (3 free per month at non-Co-op ATMs) $1 each
Replacement ATM Card/PIN $5
Point of Sale (POS) unlimited free
ATM Deposit Adjustment $4
Virtual Branch Home Banking No Fee
without Checking or loan $3 month
Bill Payer waived with minimum $2,500 aggregate shares/loans $6 month
Bill Payer Account Research
pass through cost from Bill Pay vendor
$25 – $35 hour
Re-set Access Code No Fee
Auto Equity Actual Cost
Real Estate document preparation fee $200
Subordination Agreement $75
Account History waived with minimum $2,500 aggregate in savings/loans $2 page
Account Research/Reconciliation $20 hour
Address Correction/Mail Return $5
Check Cashing waived with minimum $2,500 aggregate shares/loans $5
Compliance with Legal Order (levy, garnishment, etc.) $25
Copy of Corporate Check $3
Copy of Statements $2
Corporate Check Payable to Third Party waived with minimum $2,500 aggregate in shares/loans $4
Dormant Account/Escheat Locator $5
Notary Service (non-CU documents) $10 per signature
Returned Deposit Item $15
Telephone Audio Response (4 free per month) $2
Verification of Deposit $10
Visa Gift Card $6
Visa Travel Money Card $9
Wire Transer outgoing domestic $15
Wire Transfer outgoing international $25
Wire Transfer incoming No Charge

All fees will be assessed at the time of service or deducted from your account.  Any fees or charges incurred by the Credit Union for extra service or handling of your account will be passed on to you.

The Credit Union reserves the right to revise this agreement, our rules or policies, at any time.  If we do so, we will notify you.

Dow Great Western Credit Union
P.O. Box 2059
Antioch, CA  94531

Branch locations
4041 Lone Tree Way, Suite 100, Antioch, CA
North End of Loveridge Road (at Dow Chemical Co.) Pittsburg, CA

Phone: (925)331-1010
Main Fax: (925)331-1066