Travel Cards

CU Mony VISA Travel Money Cards:
You may purchase CU Money Visa travel money cards from the Credit Union.  These prepaid travel money cards are a convenient and more secure way to carry foreign currency, so you can leave your Debit card or other charge cards safely at home when you are on vacation or business.  A purchase fee does apply to each card.
  • Preload your travel card with $100-$5,000. You may cash out the remaining balance upon your return. For a nominal fee, cards may also be reloaded.
  • Use the card in ATMs to obtain local currency. An ATM fee applies.
  • Micro chip allows use beyond the USA. Conversion and ATM fees apply
  • Pay for purchases everywhere you see the Visa logo. Type in your PIN or sign the receipt.
  • A toll-free 24/7 help line is provided on the back of the card.
  • You may check your balance online at